Friday, January 20, 2012

my best friend is getting married!!

I'm getting worse and worse at keeping up with the blog but I keep telling myself it's because I'm becoming busier and busier!  I finally have a pretty steady job and the best part is the drive might be two minutes long.  I'm subbing at St. Andrew's Elementary School right down the street from the Caldwell's, our current home.  My first few days there were spent in the preschool and every day when I came home, Vince asked me to tell him a funny story.  The kids never failed me...

"Did you know if you eat too many lunches, you'll get fat?"-a 3 year old across the room.
"YA, LIKE MY DAD!"-another 3 year old close by!

I've been having so much fun with these little guys but Vince has been busy at work, too.  He's doing some football recruiting here at the Academy and last weekend, they had in 17 recruits!  It made for lots of trips to the airport.  He gets to eat some good food though so there are no complaints :) We're both pretty ready to get the ball rolling and head to TBS (Marine basic training) so that he can start working on becoming a pilot.  We just sent in our application for an apartment in Stafford, VA so it's feeling a little more within reach now.  

While V was work, work, working last weekend, I headed home {yes, again!} for Lindsey's bachelorette party... I can't believe she's getting married in just 3 months-- another good reason to head home!!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend:

Poor guy is sad I'm leaving!

The bachelorette herself!

Getting marriage advice: to hang out with other married people!! HIGH FIVE!

The Palace


Sunday, January 1, 2012

merry christmas and a happy new year

Vince and I are home for the holidays and have been spending every second with all of our favorite people so there hasn't been a spare second to update the blog!  Since we just got back from Colorado, I couldn't wait to upload some pictures (only from the phone... I forgot to even get my camera out!).  We headed out the day after Christmas to ski Vail.  Even though there wasn't much fresh snow, we still had so much fun.  The Rockies are definitely one of God's most beautiful creations!

Our New Year's Eve was spent driving through Kansas back from Colorado but we spent Christmas with our families and are so grateful to be able to come home and celebrate.  I even got home in time to celebrate the graduation of two of my best friends, Jess and Megs!  Congrats girls... I LOVE YOU!!  

Chad and Hannah are engaged!

Had the chance to photograph the engagement of Chad and Hannah... they are so cute together!  Congrats to both of you.