Sunday, March 10, 2013

adventure at sea

we had an exciting adventure on the water today when we took the boat out for its first spin!  it was a beautiful day for everyone... except poor finny who got sea sick :(. we hope this is something he will overcome soon because we plan on spending the summer at sea!

the weekend was the perfect way to celebrate v's completion of ifs {initial flight screening} and his first solo flight!  it's just the beginning of the training ahead but i'm still so proud of his hard work so far.  now he gets a short break before picking back up at api {aviation preflight indoctrination- i had to google this one-ha!}.  i'm looking forward to a few lunch breaks spent with him on his week off!

i had another exciting photo shoot today of an adorable couple expecting a little one in just a few months- pictures of this coming soon to the website!