Tuesday, November 18, 2014

tiny moments

We've been spending all our time enjoying the special little moments with our sweet girl that I've almost forgotten to capture them.  Here are newborn and 2 month photos of Little Miss!

 10 days new:

2 months old:

While these photos are a good peek at our favorite things about Charley girl, I can't resist sharing a few others we never want to forget…

Her favorites:  Sitting up on the couch by dad, stretching after naps, cooing, bouncing (and bouncing, and bouncing) on the yoga ball, warm baths, her cozy pink winter hat, being outside, sucking on her teensy fist, early morning cuddles with mom, the ceiling fan

Monday, September 29, 2014

welcoming charlotte

Our hearts are filled with so much joy as we proudly introduce our new precious addition, Charlotte LeeAnn Murray (LeeAnn after both our moms).  Even as we prepared for her arrival, we never could have imagined how full our hearts would be when she was finally in our arms.  The sleepless nights and baby cries are blessings too because we know these moments are fleeting and she will grow so fast (she already is!).  As we finally settle into a routine, I'm sneaking in this quick hello to share with you some of our favorite moments over the past month and a little peak at her nursery, too.

A little outing at the lake before she arrives:

The bump (and Jason's, too!):

 The big day:

Woohoo! Going home!

Press play!

Notice the rocking chair and teddy that were mine as a little girl!

 Baby wearing in this pic… She loves cuddling up to mom!  This is the dresser & mirror we purchased on Craigslist and restored ourselves:

And my favorite feature of her nursery, the Proverbs 31 scripture that hangs over her crib:

And just for fun, here's a little taste of her newborn pictures (coming soon)!

A special thanks to both of our AMAZING moms who were a huge help as we prepared for baby.  We couldn't have done it without them.  

Sending baby cuddles and all our love from Texas! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the good stuff

it's been an eventful june and i've meant to write this post at least five times but here i am, almost in july just filling in the blanks!  all the excitement started in Kentucky where my baby sister graduated from high school.  i can hardly believe she's headed off to the university of louisville this fall.  i'm so proud of the person she's become and beyond confident in her ability to succeed and above all, always treat others kindly.  couldn't be more excited for all she has ahead!

that weekend, we also celebrated baby m's upcoming arrival at the most wonderful baby shower.  it was so good to see how many people love this little girl already.  my heart is full.  our friends and family are so generous and we could never fully express our gratitude.  thank you to everyone who has joined us in celebrating, preparing, and especially in praying for baby m!

the adventure continued in new york city where i finally made it to visit megs!  i cannot say how glad i am that we were able to make this happen.  it was so good to see my favorite city girl and explore.  we spent a day in central park, visited the world trade center memorial and even did some shopping in soho.  i can always count on meg to show me a good time.  

i finally made it back to my husband in texas but only just in time to head to california, maryland for the murray family vacation.  gus and allison have the setup at pax river and it was so nice of them to have us!  if only marine aviators were ever stationed there..... :)

now we're all settled back in and missing our family and friends more than ever (i don't think they come any better than ours!!).  we even had to say goodbye to a few texas friends as they moved on to a new duty station.  here's to hoping we'll cross paths again, brandon & loren!!

the next few months will be spent savoring teeny baby kicks and time with just the two of us;  trying not to get ahead of ourselves and wish away these moments but we are so excited for baby to arrive.  i can't resist a smile every time i walk into her nursery (still coming along) but i know that today, too, is so special and full of blessings.  

all our love from texas!  -C

Monday, May 5, 2014

an update

So much has happened since we relocated to Kingsville, TX in February.  Vince began intermediate flight school and had his first flight in a jet just last week.  He says he has a lot to learn but I know it must have felt so good to finally be flying a jet airplane.  I couldn't be more proud :)

Moves to Texas and flying jets aren't the only exciting things going on around here, though.  We are having a baby girl!  Almost all of my spare time has been spent browsing all things pink and lacy.  We already can't wait for her September arrival but are enjoying all of the exciting things that come with the preparation.  Our sweet Texas friends even threw us a baby shower this weekend (Kentucky Derby themed, of course!).  Since several of them get their wings this Friday and will be moving soon, we were so glad to be able to celebrate with them before they head out.  We are beyond grateful for friends like these!

Our weekends have been spent enjoying the weather before it turns too hot to bare and have even made a few trips to San Antonio to explore.  Since Kingsville is such a small town, it's nice to be close to some beautiful cities.

We are really loving our time here and are savoring every moment spent together before Baby M arrives.  Feeling so, so grateful for the love and support of our family and friends, near and far.  We miss you all so very much.  Looking forward to my trip home at the end of the month!