Wednesday, April 18, 2012

kentucky and a celebration

I'm home from my fun little vacation to kentucky and just getting back to the grind.  The trip was a good refresher after a couple of long weeks in Virginia.  Carli Jo and Camryn were on Spring Break so I got to spend a lot of time with them.  I got to See Cait for a little bit on Easter Sunday, too.  They are all growing up so fast!  I'm so grateful that I usually hear from at least one of them every day so that I can keep up with all of their adventures.  Dad took the girls and I to the Reds game last Wednesday and even though it was very cold, we toughed it out through the sixth inning...

Dinner at the Murray's this week was so much fun, too.  They introduced me to the most wonderful family from Puerto Rico and gave me the prime opportunity to practice my Espanol ;).  I don't miss classes or exams but I definitely miss getting to speak the language every day.

Even though I had so, so much fun with my little sisters and family, I spent most of my time with Lindsey--the reason for my trip home!  Her wedding was Saturday and she made the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.  Most of the week before, I got to help her out with all the last-minute preparations.  It was so much fun to get to run errands with a friend {oh the things you miss when you move away!}.  What an honor it was to be a part of her big day-- friends like Lindsey {and the rest of her bridal party}are hard to come by!  Thanks to Linds and Bri for letting me be a member of the bridal party and a part of your BIG DAY.

Pre-wedding pampering with the girls

Bride and {twin} sister


Rehearsal Dinner

Bride and Groom

Megs and Riley-- always stealing the show! ;)

It was good to be home and see everyone at the wedding.  It's always so fun to catch up with everyone.  Allison and Melody-- I have missed you so much!

Fortunately, Vince is back to some shorter workdays and is getting a little more sleep.  It's Martial Arts Week at TBS so hopefully, he'll have earlier nights.  Spending time with my wonderful husband just isn't getting old so I'm glad we should get to have dinner together every night this week.  I'm working more and it's been a blessing to keep busy while he's at TBS.  Working as a sub at the daycare is always fun {and sometimes, exhausting} but I have an interview for another position today-- fingers crossed that all goes well!

We miss everyone already and can't wait for our next trip home... Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

today is good

After what has been perhaps my busiest day since our move to Virginia, I just have to write about how good this day has been {with the exception of my trip to the dentist... my mom would be so proud I went by myself!}.  I went to a bible study with some of the other TBS wives and had the best time.  We kept it casual and just got to know each other but it was so much fun.  It's such a blessing to be meeting girls who are in the same boat when it comes to this new military lifestyle.  They are all so encouraging and wonderful!

Vince is doing okay too.  These two weeks are hard on him with a 3am wake-up call and late nights, too, but he's hanging tough.  He is so sweet coming home everyday with a smile on his face... even despite the killer blisters on his heels and the exhaustion he endures.  I am proud of his hard work and attitude.

We found a church we really love and have gotten to meet several other TBS couples there, too.  They've been doing a series called "A Cloud as Small as a Man's Hand" about Elijah and his faith and persistence.  It has been a helpful reminder to just count on God- He has been so good to us!

We're headed to the Caldwell's this Saturday to spend time with them and celebrate Easter.  We are both very excited to see them.  Then, Sunday night, I head home to Northern Kentucky for a week.  My sisters are on Spring Break so I'll get to spend a lot of time with them.  Vince was jealous when he heard we plan on going to a Red's game :).  He's headed home to meet us on Saturday for my best friend's wedding {YAY LINDS!!} and Tyler Simmons is tagging along so we'll all be celebrating this exciting day together.

See ya Sunday!!

P.S. Even though Vince fell asleep during the second half of the game, I still have to say how excited we are that UK won number 8!! GO CATS!