Sunday, May 20, 2012

home sweet home

At last.  Vince is home from his first FEX (short for field exercise).  Weather was not on his side during their week in the field... he survived a downpour and a severe thunder storm!  He's home safe and sound now- just studying away for an exam, poor guy.

I kept busy all week working and visiting with friends.  I even made it to Annapolis to see the sweet Caldwell family.  I got to tag along for a doctor's appointment {the waiting room is a perfect place to catch up!} and we grabbed lunch afterwards with the whole fam before I headed back to my empty home.  On Wednesday, there was a spouse's luncheon where I got to visit with my bible study friends and meet some new girls, too.  They make finding friends pretty easy around here... it's nice that all of the wives can relate and that we are all looking to meet new people.  The week was good but it was long- home sweet home just isn't the same when Vince isn't around.  I'm so happy to have him back.

Last night, Vince and I met up with Mike Leek and his beautiful family.  Their two little boys are just so handsome!  We will be keeping their ministry and trip to Africa in our prayers.

We are missing all of our family and friends from home today and can't wait for our next visit home to see you! I'm wishing our houses were connected via secret tunnels so we could visit all the time :).  For now, an 8 hour drive will have to do!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

this is the day

Being Company Commander has kept Vince on his toes for the last two weeks.  He has been so, so busy.  Even the weekends have been spent doing homework and planning for the coming week but I know he just did a great job!  So Friday, we celebrated when his billet came to an end {with Pizza Hut and a good movie, of course!}.  This week also means he's two months into TBS-- just 4 more to go till we're headed to Pensacola for flight school!

I'm still working away at the Preschool.  They're keeping me even busier than I thought-- I have worked every day for the past three weeks!  It's really fun and the kids never fail to give me a good story to bring home to Vince.

We went on a date to the Nats game in DC on Saturday.  Weather was perfect-- not too hot or sunny.  We bought our tickets from a man on the street so our seats were quite high but Vince and I both really loved them-- a full view of the stadium and a cool breeze, too!  He was excited to see a game and I was just so happy to spend some time outside under the blue sky.

We're wishing we were home to celebrate the graduation of one of our most favorite people-- Vince's beautiful big sister, Jenna.  We are so happy she has found an exciting job {we can't wait to hear all about it when she starts!}.  She deserves the best job on earth, especially after all her hard work.  And congrats to Kayti and Kristyn, too... the first palace members with big girl jobs!

Nothing else too exciting is happening here but I just wanted to stop in and say all is well in the Murray home.  We are adoring married life and having so much fun together just in the every day moments.  We joke sometimes that maybe we like each other a tid bit too much {but I say that's impossible}.

Have a beautiful week!