Thursday, March 22, 2012

now we are going to have visitors :)

We've finally gotten back to normal daily life after a crazy move to Quantico, VA.  Here, Vince has begun his training as a Marine at The Basic School {TBS}.  For now, this normal daily life for him means early mornings and late nights on base.  He's already had his first test and did well. He did great at the PFT {Physical Fitness Test} too.  He has weekends off for which I am so grateful.  Since his life is so busy right now, we spent the last one lounging around and rooting on our Cats.  It's so fun to be a Kentucky fan as we move around-- especially when they are so successful!  People call me Kentucky all the time when they notice my license plate or UK gear.  Makes me smile every time.  We are so proud of where we come from :)

Daily life for me means JOB HUNT!  I've had a few interviews and have been offered a couple of jobs but nothing is a perfect fit just yet-- I'm trying not to be too picky but everyone wants me to work weekends which is no good since I'm just not willing to give up that time with my handsome husband! I have another interview tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me!

There was a TBS Spouse's brief yesterday so I spent my day on base with all of the other wives who are staying in town.  It was fun to get to meet some other girls and to hear what I should expect over the next six months.  V showed me around the barracks, too.  They're definitely nothing fancy so I don't think he is too bummed to come home to a nice apartment and a smiling wife every night!  Here he is coming home today:

Isn't he handsome??

He'd be bummed if I didn't include this picture too:

Here they are on their hunting expedition... They got 30 snow geese!  I feel pretty bad for the poor birds but V thinks he may have found himself a new hobby.

John, Ann, Jenna and Jeremy are coming to visit on Saturday.  We are so excited to have our first Virginia visitors this weekend.  We hope my family will get the chance to make it up sometime too!  Looking forward to seeing the Murray Clan!!

Happy Friday!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

thank you to the Caldwells

We moved out of the Caldwell home yesterday.  Mrs. Caldwell cried a little and so did I.  It was hard to leave such wonderful people.  The Caldwells were Vince's sponsor family while he was at the Academy and they have become like family to us over the past four years.  We've been living with them since December and my only regret is that our time there wasn't longer.

What we have learned from this wonderful family will last a lifetime.  To start, their generosity is admirable.  Rarely does a weekend pass without house guests coming and going at their home.  They serve their guests (and us, too) diligently and always without complaint.  It is impossible for someone to feel unwelcome in their home.

I've never known a man as happy as Cmdr. Caldwell. This kind of happiness is contagious. His outlook on the ebb and flow of daily life is one I hope to mirror.  He also tells the greatest stories.  

 Mrs. Caldwell is a true Proverbs 31 woman. She is faithful and nurturing, diligent and focused, a servant and a homemaker.  To follow in her footsteps would be to live a beautiful life.

Ms. Caldwell is among the hardest workers I know.  When I hesitate to apply for tons of jobs, I think of her and how she works the longest days and never complains.  And the way she loves her son, Luke, has not gone unnoticed either.  He is so lucky to have her.

What a blessing it has been to live with such wonderful people.  We miss them already and will most certainly be returning to visit soon!