Thursday, January 24, 2013

january in the sunshine state

v has finally started flight school and i feel so proud!  he is studying his life away but is so glad to be on the road to becoming a pilot at last.  we're trying not to rush our time here in pensacola because it's just so beautiful but we're excited for the day when he gets those wings :)

since soon tuck will be staying home by himself for a few hours every day, we decided that he really needed a friend so we pulled the trigger and bought little pup #2.  crazy, i know.  but he is just so cute and the perfect playmate for tuck.  he can't wait to meet john and ann when they come to visit this weekend!

life for me is going great.  work is keeping me busy while vince is studying and i've even made some friends at bible study.  it's been great to get into a routine- it seems like it's been so long since we've had one of those! counting down till the next time we're home...

p.s. congrats to gus and allison on their engagement!! this means we're sisters, right? ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


v is 24 today and we're off to applebees (his favorite) to celebrate.  seeing jack reacher is on our to-do list, too.  we're both tom cruise fans- fans of his movies, that is. i guess you know you're growing up when your birthday celebration is a simple dinner and a movie :)

we took tuck on base with us earlier today and headed over to the track so vince could go for a run. i thought i'd just play fetch or take him for a little walk.  since no one was around, i let him off the leash to play and as soon as vince took off running, sweet tuck followed right behind- for almost two miles!  he's napping the day away now, of course, but what a good boy he is!

our time home for christmas was, like always, so much fun.  we didn't catch up on much sleep but only because we'd way rather be spending time with both of our wonderful families.  it was harder than usual to leave this time and maybe because it was such a good visit but we are already talking about when we can make it home next. the twelve hour drive is well worth it! we love you and miss you, family and friends!

till next time :)