Monday, September 17, 2012

sweet cami girl

just a few of my favorite pictures of my sweet little sister, cam:

a birthday and a graduation

there has been so much to celebrate these last few weeks and it has been a whirl!  my grandma's 90th birthday party was last weekend and we treated her to the most special party ever.  my dad and sisters went all out planning the two-day event for all of our out-of-town guests.  family i'd never even met came in town to celebrate my sweet grandma.  i've never seen her so happy. 

wednesday, we celebrated v's graduation from TBS.  i am so proud of his hard work these past six months.  he is the toughest guy i know!  we moved out of our place in virginia on friday and headed home for 30 days leave.  we are really going to miss all of the wonderful people we spent our time with while we were there.  thanks to all of the bible study girls who made this time easier and a lot more fun, too!  we can only hope to find friends as good as you at our next duty station.


last but not least, we are proud to introduce to you the newest addition to our little family, tuck!

he's the sweetest little pup and we can't wait for our friends to meet him.  looking forward to catching up with everyone while we're home.  we've missed you all too much!

Friday, September 7, 2012


just wanted to post my first edit for a photo editing class i'm taking!  so excited about this:


...and voila! the after:

more to come!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

three cities one week

vince keeps calling me a "world traveler" because every time he's in the field, i'm off on a new little adventure.  i'm so blessed to be able to do these things!  this time, i headed to santa fe to visit lindsey {my newlywed friend with a wild-fire fighting husband}.  new mexico is so beautiful and different.  the mountains are breathtaking and the landscape is different than anything i've seen before.  we did the most amazing hike in taos and ended up at the top of a mountain with a postcard view.  i wish i could have taken my camera so i could share it with all of you!  i did get to capture some pictures of our hike through the tent rock monuments:

and here are some photos of my walk around the town of santa fe:

thanks to linds and bri for having me!  it was such a good week and you guys made me feel extra-special.  i have missed you so much.

while i was in new mexico, vince completed his final fex: the war.  it rained on them more than they would've liked but he survived and is looking forward to graduation on september 12!  

the day after he got back from the fex, we headed to dc for the redskins game.  we got the royal treatment again in the hagen family suite.  they are so generous to include us!  

friday night, we met the caldwell family at luke's football game.  i'm so glad we were able to cheer him on for at least one big win- congrats, luke!  it's always wonderful to visit with this family.

the night was a long one because after the game, we drove straight to philly to meet up with friends.  traffic got the best of us but we made it in time to get a few hours sleep before we headed out at 7am to catch the navy/notre dame game.  it was a tough one to watch but we were glad to be able to spend time with our friends before the big move to florida- yikes/yay!!  thanks to mrs. battipaglia and jeff for having us at their place for the weekend.

can't wait to see our family for v's graduation!  be home in ten days!!