Monday, November 12, 2012

catching up

just checking in to catch up on all that's been going on here in pensacola, fl!  in a disappointing turn of events, the first house we rented was broken into so out we moved and now we're into a house we love in a safe and adorable little neighborhood.  our two spare bedrooms mean space to roam and it feels so great!  they are just begging for visitors :)

vince starts ifs {introductory flight screening} in early january so until then, he does pt and mcmap (physical training and marine corps martial arts} every morning and has most evenings off to catch up on some well-deserved resting after all of his hard work at tbs {the basic school}.  notice all the acronyms?? i'm still learning, too!  once ifs and especially primary flight school begin, he'll be busy all over again.

as for me: i have a job, at last!  after a few weeks of moving in, moving out, then moving back in again, i was beyond ready to get to work.  i was hired just last monday as an administrative assistant/legal administrator at a law firm in downtown pensacola.  it's the greatest location and my twice-daily walks to the post office to retrieve mail are the perfect chance to explore the little street where the office sits!  i'm feeling great about the job and especially about the people i work with.  they are God-loving and have been more than welcoming.  two coworkers have even asked me to join their bible study.  i don't think i could have asked for the more perfect job.

i couldn't possibly write today without mentioning the big game tomorrow... we can't wait to watch our cats face the duke blue devils.  it is so much fun to root for walk on jarrod polson!  GO CATS

photos of beach coming soon!