Sunday, February 12, 2012

good as new!

Good news!  Carli Jo's surgery has done the trick and she was discharged today!  She's got another week of recovery before she's allowed to head back to school but overall, everything went pretty well.  She's the toughest girl I know... I'm so glad you're good as new, Carli Jo! 

Look how many people love my little sister!!
Mine and Vince's trip home was really refreshing.  Even though I hope the next time we won't be spending any time at the hospital, it was still so good to see our families-- how blessed we are!  Our pit stop in Lexington on the way there was so much fun.  We watched the Superbowl with our friends and Luke, Nick and Gus too.  Vince even got to see Jenna-- I'm so bummed I missed her!  We both got a chance to spend time with our high school friends too.  Vince visited Lasita at his new Mt. Adams home and they had a great time catching up.  And this lucky girl got to see Chelsea for a little while{always a treat!}.  Even though I missed out, Vince, his parents, and Jenna made it to their Ticville property.  I wish everyone could visit this place to see how amazing it is and Vince tells me it's looking even better than the last time we visited!

 Hope to be back soon with a PHOTO blog post!! Got to get back to learning all about my new camera :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

update on Carli Jo

Hi Everyone!

No photo updates this post (coming soon!).  I just wanted to make sure that anyone who hasn't heard from us knows that Carli Jo is doing okay!  Her surgery was today and they removed quite a bit of her small intestine.  She's in some pain and kind of out of it but the doctors say she should heal up just fine in no time!  We're looking at another 4-7 days in the hospital and an additional week off from school but after that, she'll be good as new.  Thank you to everyone who has been keeping her in your prayers!  A much more exciting and fun update coming soon :)