Sunday, July 22, 2012

no place like home

took a little adventure to kentucky last week... there really is no place like home.  i barely survived the drive with strep throat and an ear infection but it was so worth it.  i had forgotten how good it is to have your mom and dad around when you're sick.  i was feeling better almost right away!  seeing my little sisters is always so much fun.  i never laugh so much.  thanks, caitlin, for driving up from lex to visit!  we spent the week doing fun little things and carli jo, cam, and i even went to get pedicures {camryn could have sat in that massage chair all day!}.  i got some practice with my camera- and my new lense, too!  my little sisters make the best models. thank goodness they are so patient with me :)

thanks to kayti and jessica who took time out of their busy lives to spend an afternoon with me!  we were missing the rest of the palace girls but it was still so good to catch up with these two in person.  friends like these girls are hard to come by.  what a blessing it was to live with them for a while :)

while i was home, vince went on a canoe trip in west virginia with his high school friends, scottie, rainer, and babik.  sounds like there were some pretty wild rapids!  i know vince was glad to see the guys again and to get away from tbs for a while too.  he spent the next week doing a different kind of camping in the fields of quantico, virginia on yet another fex.  he survived again and is glad to be home in the ac for now!

the weekend has been relaxing. we've spent most of it watching movies on tv but we did catch the dark knight at the theatre and even made a 30 mile drive to sonic {tyler and vince couldn't stand their saturday without some sonic}.  now, we're just counting down to the bachelorette finale... team jef!

here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks {the pedicure photos were just taken with my iphone but the others were taken with my new lense-- isn't it so neat?!}: