Thursday, July 18, 2013

so many adventures

Carli Jo and Cam got a good little surprise when they opened the backseat of my mom's car two weeks ago to find a road trip survival kit.  It didn't take long for them to realize that they were going on a special little vacay to the beautiful Pensacola, Florida to visit their big sis Court!  I had looked forward to a visit from my little sisters pretty much since the day I moved away.  I could hardly stand keeping it a secret but was so, so glad that it all came together so perfectly.  Caitlin and her friend made the twelve hour drive to bring the girls and we all had the greatest time, despite the unfortunate weather!

Vince has gotten several flights in since primary started and is loving every minute of it.  I got the chance to join him in one of the simulators for a practice flight and it was truly amazing!  It was so realistic and really reassured me that the training he gets will keep him safe and teach him to be the best possible pilot.

Despite my hesitations,I officially announced Courtney Murray Photography on the Facebook page and have been so excited about the response.  I feel so glad to be growing as a photographer and for the opportunities I've had to get more and more experience.  Jen Bothel has been my greatest advocate and I couldn't thank her enough for her encouragement and support!

We celebrated sweet Tuck's first birthday over the weekend and even though he was totally uninterested in the giant bone we got him as a gift, he was glad to be allowed on the couch for a night :)

So looking forward to a visit from friends {Kayti and Lindsey} in two weeks.  Wishing the very best of luck to Jess as she starts her adventure in North Carolina.  We will be missing you, too, Megs and Micks!