Monday, May 5, 2014

an update

So much has happened since we relocated to Kingsville, TX in February.  Vince began intermediate flight school and had his first flight in a jet just last week.  He says he has a lot to learn but I know it must have felt so good to finally be flying a jet airplane.  I couldn't be more proud :)

Moves to Texas and flying jets aren't the only exciting things going on around here, though.  We are having a baby girl!  Almost all of my spare time has been spent browsing all things pink and lacy.  We already can't wait for her September arrival but are enjoying all of the exciting things that come with the preparation.  Our sweet Texas friends even threw us a baby shower this weekend (Kentucky Derby themed, of course!).  Since several of them get their wings this Friday and will be moving soon, we were so glad to be able to celebrate with them before they head out.  We are beyond grateful for friends like these!

Our weekends have been spent enjoying the weather before it turns too hot to bare and have even made a few trips to San Antonio to explore.  Since Kingsville is such a small town, it's nice to be close to some beautiful cities.

We are really loving our time here and are savoring every moment spent together before Baby M arrives.  Feeling so, so grateful for the love and support of our family and friends, near and far.  We miss you all so very much.  Looking forward to my trip home at the end of the month!

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  1. TUCK!! He says get me outta here Dad, a pool is no place for a sticklegged sausage dog